About Kitchen Vegilantes

Plant based company, Kitchen Vegilantes, was co-founded by DELI LITES Directors, Brian and Jackie Reid, alongside Brian’s sister Jemma Reid-White - a foodie and business woman who shares their passion for locally produced healthy food. 

More and more people are turning to a vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian lifestyle.   Consumer focus is more than ever on local suppliers, whole foods and healthy eating to boost overall health and immunity.   The Kitchen Vegilantes' mission is to create genuinely tasty food for all that doesn’t rely on meat as a source of protein.   We aim to combine natural plant-based proteins with punchy flavours in all our products that you will want to eat time and time again. 

All of the Kitchen Vegilantes products are 100% suitable for vegans.  The signature meal and snack range includes four main meals, two breakfast and two snack options to provide healthy, clean, nutritious food which appeal to all the family.  We have supplement our boxed with a variety of lunch options from the DELI LITES plant based range to ensure we have all our needs covered.

The additions are two amazing vegan traybakes - a Jammy Dodger Flapjack and a Biscoff Chocolate Brownie designed in conjunction with the talented Mairi Rivers aka @gingervegan.   Both traybakes do not fail to impress and our non-vegan taste testers could not tell the difference!  

The Kitchen Vegilantes Macho Mochaccino Oats won over judges at Lunch! show’s Innovation Challenge, as well as picking up a recent Irish FreeFrom Award.   The Rebel 3 Bean Burrito Box recently won a Great Taste Award, not surprising given its punchy flavours, great texture and impressive nutritional content.

Given the shift to staying home and working from home this year we are now delighted to be able to deliver our amazing products direct to your front door.  Accessing great tasting, nutritious plant based food for all the family has never been easier.      

So after a busy few months we will hand it over to you to sample and enjoy!